Monday, 12 July 2010

Pizza Box Bags

Those scrappers amongst you will understand why I'm using the "pizza box" as a measure from these vinyl/mexician oilcloth carry bags...a standard pizza box will fit our beloved 12 x 12 inch papers! Always a struggle for scrapbookers is the search for the perfect ways to transport our scrapbooking goodies when we get together to scrap (a crop!).

These bags will fit either ONE or TWO standard pizza boxes so you can take your papers/kits to your next crop and look stylish at the same time! The one pizza box size is $25 + postage while the larger two pizza box size is $30 + postage. These bags are unlined with no pockets.

Red & White Spots
Black Eden with red trim
Red Eden with black trim
Naked Floral (clear) vinyl or Naked Cupcake (clear) vinyl (not shown)

Unfortunately, as they are made from vinyl/mexician oilcloth, I am unable to make matching camera straps to these particular bags - the vinyl as a camera strap would be a bit to kinky me thinks (as well as being very sweaty!!). I am happy to try and find a fabric that is similar to match your bag!
Interested, please email me at for more details.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

More Straps

The recent Scrapbook and Papercraft Expo in Brisbane was a wonderful chance to catch up with lots of wonderful crafters AND for me to give out my Made.X.Manda business cards. I still have a number of straps available (see below) if you are interested - please email me. Thanks to everyone at the expo that showed an interest in my straps and bags ;) Thanks to Mel, Sara & Drea from Point Shoot Play for letting me hang out in your classroom!

A few more "male" straps are available that I have referred to previously ...

Check out the Made.X.Manda Facebook page - next time you're in Facebook.

Carry Bags Available

Those scrapbookers out there know the hassles of finding carry bags that fit our beloved 12 x 12 inch papers. These unlined carry bags will solve your cropping problems - made to fit one or two pizza boxes - these mexican oil cloth bags (black eden print and red eden print) are perfect to take to your next crop.

The one-box size is $25 + postage. Photo is for sizing only - this one already sold!

The two-box size is $30 + postage. Photo is for sizing only - this one already sold!

Also available currently - these A4 sized bags for $20 plus postage. Perfect for taking your magazine/book/lunch to work OR those extra scrapbooking supplies to your next crop.

Email - to purchase or make a special request.