Sunday, 18 October 2009

First Sales

I'm excited to say I've sold my first 6 camera straps thanks to the lovely ladies attending the Scrap Chat Girls Night In crop last night. The "Pink Birdie" strap I donated to auction is going well - be sure to check it out It's still four days until the auction closes.

I've also received a personalised order - with the buyer provider their own fabric and another order as a birthday gift for a friend!

Mel from Point Shoot & Play will also be selling my straps - thanks Mel!

I'm still "playing" with the photography of the bring you the best image of them!

Thanks so much for your support.

Here are a couple more straps I have on offer!

1 comment:

Michelle Jamieson said...

I love them, Manda!!
Very partial to the delish black and white spotty...I adore mine!!!

Congrats on your camera straps...they are awesome!! ;)

Chelle Xx