Sunday, 31 January 2010

Handy Bag

I travel 50 minutes each way on the train each day to work ... my handbag doesn't always fit my lunch and the book I'm reading at the time so I'm always on the look out for another small-ish carry bag - that will fit my lunch box, fruit, water & my novel! I found the solution ... and I've made the perfect "handy" bag!

Made from flock-lined vinyl, it is 37cm high (17cm handle), 28cm wide and 14cm deep - a very handy size!

This was my first trial run (above) - which I'll be happy to keep myself - but had to adjust the measurements slightly to come up with the version (below) I'd be happy to sell.

At the moment I have three choices - the red & white floral, the blue/pink tea party AND a blue/red/cream country rooster (which I haven't made up yet).
The 'handy' bag is $15 + postage.
If you would like a 'handy' bag - please email me.

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Sarah Rickard said...

Gorgeous bags Manda :-)